The Complete 365 Drawings

The challenge is completed. It was fun but daunting and occasionally extremely difficult. In the end, I’m happy with the project. Here is the complete list of all 365 drawings, one for every day of 2013:

  1. Russell Crowe Drawing
  2. Still Life with Oranges and Apple
  3. Alan Watts Pencil Drawing
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger Pencil Drawing
  5. Figure Drawing Proportions
  6. Figure Drawing Proportions Side View
  7. Figure Drawing Proportions Back View
  8. Drawing the Head
  9. Drawing the Head from the Side
  10. Drawing the Head from Extreme Angles
  11. Karl Pilkington Drawing
  12. My sister!
  13. How to Draw the Eyes
  14. How to Draw the Eyes Continued
  15. Guide to Direct Light
  16. Old Man Pencil Drawing
  17. Fun with a Pencil Part I
  18. Fun with a Pencil Part II
  19. Fun with a Pencil Part III
  20. Drawing my Hand
  21. Fun with a Pencil Part IV
  22. Vitamin D Bottle Pencil Drawing
  23. Fun with a Pencil Part V
  24. Pencil Sharpener Drawing
  25. Self Portrait Pencil Drawing
  26. My Hand Middle Finger Raised
  27. A Face, Drawn from Memory + Fun with a Pencil Part VI
  28. Playing Cards Drawing
  29. Drawing of the Brain – Black Marker on Cardboard
  30. Fun with a Pencil Part VII
  31. Drawing Picasso’s Igor Stravinsky Upside Down
  32. Drawing Davinci’s Skull Upside Down
  33. Handshake Drawn From Upside Down reference
  34. Leaf Drawing
  35. Drawing of a Three Person Figurine
  36. Gesture Drawings Session #1
  37. Blind and Modified Contour Drawing
  38. Strawberry Drawing in Pencil
  39. Modified Contour Drawing of my Hand
  40. Gesture Drawings Session #2
  41. Watching TV in Pencil
  42. Stereo and Cup Pencil Drawing
  43. Coffee Cup and Gesture Drawings Session #3
  44. Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Pencil Drawing
  45. Valentine’s Day
  46. Drawing some baby feet
  47. Another Drawing of my Hand
  48. Drawing of a Raven
  49. Negative Space Drawings
  50. Some Quick Feet Sketches + Gesture Drawings Session #4
  51. Roath Park Bridge Pen Drawing
  52. How to Draw the Nose
  53. Portrait of my Sister
  54. Pencil Drawing of Fake Flowers
  55. Drawing Bananas
  56. Potted Plant Drawing
  57. Gesture Drawings Session #5
  58. Drawing of Silver Tree on Black Paper
  59. Tom Woods Drawing
  60. Practicing Drawing Noses
  61. Practicing Drawing Shoes
  62. Drawing Table Objects
  63. Fun with a Pencil Part VIII
  64. Gesture Drawings Session 6 and Figure Drawing Practice
  65. More Figures + Gesture Drawings 7
  66. Bedroom Interior Line Drawing
  67. Coffee #1 Sketch
  68. Mark Gertler Self Portrait Copy
  69. Windowsill Drawing + More
  70. Folded Towel Drawing
  71. Nine Pages of Gesture Drawings
  72. Church Drawing
  73. John Taylor Gatto Drawing
  74. Fun with a Pencil Part IX
  75. Bedroom Shelf Drawing
  76. Mobile Phone Drawing
  77. Drawing of a Capuchin Monkey
  78. Drawing of my Shelves (Part 1)
  79. Pencil Drawing of Shelves (Complete)
  80. Nude Figure Drawing
  81. Benedict Cumberbatch Drawing
  82. Open Book Drawing and Wool Pencil Sketch
  83. Drawings of Forks
  84. Drawing of my Foot
  85. Bedside Lamp Drawing
  86. Gesture Drawing Mondays!
  87. Suli Breaks Drawing
  88. Xbox Controller Drawing
  89. Drawing Ears
  90. Drawing of Sir Jimmy Savile Inside an Easter Egg
  91. Negative Space Drawing Practice
  92. Drawing of a Young Ghandi
  93. Candle Drawing
  94. 8 Pages of Gesture Drawings
  95. Copy of a Richard Feynman Drawing
  96. Drawing the Calf
  97. Banana, Apple and Tangerine Still Life Drawing
  98. Waterloo Gardens Drawing
  99. Tape Dispenser Drawing
  100. Balloon Girl Drawing (in Colour!) – Drawing #100
  101. Drawing People on Reddit
  102. Extreme Face Drawing
  103. Drawing of my Brother Playing XBox
  104. Maia
  105. Drawing Bryguy49 on Reddit “Prospector Face”
  106. More Leg Practice
  107. Drawing for Reddit User Veryfancydoilies
  108. Dog Drawing
  109. Drawing Schnodda’s Brother
  110. Maia’s Ear
  111. Maia’s Hand
  112. Further Gesture Drawings
  113. Magnifying Glass Girl
  114. Drawing Hands
  115. Drawing More Hands
  116. Drawing More Hands… Some More
  117. Drawing CJ Boone’s Daughter
  118. Drawing Maia Asleep
  119. Don Draper Drawing
  120. Drawing Tiseye and her Mother
  121. Madame X Drawing
  122. Copy of a Carlos Ezquerra Drawing
  123. Copy of a Frederick Franck Drawing
  124. Girl in Bed with Pig
  125. Maia’s Hand Again
  126. Candle Holder Drawing
  127. Pose Maniacs Gesture Drawings
  128. Drawing of BlueElf
  129. Digital Camera Drawing
  130. Man and Dog Drawing
  131. Crosshatching Practice with Baby Noses
  132. Marlon Brando Drawing
  133. Mother and Baby Drawing
  134. Benny8897 Drawing
  135. Baby Cards on Shelf
  136. How to Draw Feet
  137. How to Draw Hands
  138. Maia Asleep Again
  139. Eye Drawing
  140. Some More Figure Drawing
  141. Drawing of Boxes
  142. Drawing of Reddit User IHaveARagingClue
  143. Wine Glass Colour Drawing
  144. Banana & Apple Still Life in Colour
  145. Quick Maia Sketches
  146. Drawing in the Park
  147. Hand Drawing from Life
  148. Maia Sleeping Sketch (Again)
  149. Tyrion Lannister Drawing
  150. Severus Snape Drawing
  151. More Figure Drawing Practice
  152. Some Noses
  153. The Structure of Man Day 1
  154. Joe Rogan Drawing
  155. Lips Drawing
  156. Maia in Charcoal
  157. Main in Charcoal (Again)
  158. RedditAdrian Drawing
  159. Some More Feet Drawings
  160. Another Drawing of a Foot
  161. Structure of Man and Gesture Drawing Practice
  162. Feet Front View
  163. Face Detail Drawing of Maia
  164. Kerrygold Butter Drawing
  165. Coconut Oil Drawing
  166. Life Drawing of Feet
  167. Cup and Coffee Beans Colour Pencil Drawing
  168. Drawing Reddit User GJab
  169. Practicing Noses
  170. Quick Eye Drawing
  171. Gesture Drawing Session 14
  172. Brian Rose London Real Drawing
  173. Drawing of an Eye in Profile View
  174. Baby and Monkey Drawing
  175. Josh Hutcherson Drawing
  176. John Lennon Drawing
  177. Alan Sugar Drawing
  178. Steve Buscemi Eyes
  179. Drawing of Keys
  180. Gary Oldman Drawing
  181. Several Drawings
  182. Half Way There
  183. Eye and Nose Theory
  184. Lips and Shadows
  185. Bald Man Drawing
  186. Fun with a Pencil X
  187. Man With a Pointy Nose Drawing
  188. Another Face
  189. Drawings of Eyes
  190. Life Drawing Session
  191. Drawing Commission
  192. Harry Potter Drawings
  193. Friday Figure Drawing Practice
  194. Saturday Figure Drawing Practice
  195. Bruce Lee Quote Drawing
  196. Paulo Coelho Drawing
  197. Some Noses
  198. Gandhi Drawing
  199. Reddit For_Drizzle Drawing
  200. Three Figures
  201. Drawing of Male Back
  202. Drawing of Female Back
  203. My (Hairy!) Legs
  204. Life Drawing Session #2
  205. Lady Lying Down
  206. Figure With a Sheet
  207. Drawing of a Sink
  208. Female Nude with a Sheet
  209. Drawing of an Egyptian Lady
  210. Gesture Drawing Session 15
  211. Face in Shadow
  212. Several Anatomical Drawings
  213. Life Drawing of Hands
  214. Drawing of a Hand on Knee
  215. Maia Foot Drawing
  216. Page of Anatomy Drawings
  217. Life Drawing Maia
  218. Life Drawing Session #3
  219. Biro Sketches
  220. Copy of a Claudia Rilling Drawing
  221. Crappy Sketches
  222. Copy of a Jon Demartin Drawing
  223. Copy of an Alphonse Mucha Drawing
  224. Copy of a Leonardo Da Vinci Profile
  225. Life Drawing Session #4
  226. Copy of an Egon Schiele Drawing
  227. Drawing of Curtains
  228. Richard Branson Drawing
  229. Drawing of Reddit User _WritersBlockPoet
  230. Box in Charcoal
  231. Faces and Sketches
  232. Life Drawing Session #5
  233. Drawing of my Hand Holding my Sketchbook
  234. Gesture Drawing Session #16
  235. Gurgle Magazine Drawings
  236. Danny DeVito Drawing
  237. Lee J Cobb Drawing
  238. Imagination Drawings
  239. Life Drawing Session #6
  240. Leigh Gallagher Copies
  241. Some More Comic Copies
  242. Lots of Eyes
  243. Gesture Drawings Session #17
  244. Naked Old Lady Drawing
  245. Michelangelo Copy
  246. Life Drawing Session #7
  247. Maia on her Front
  248. Exposed Drawing
  249. Draped Woman Laying Down
  250. Male Chest Drawing
  251. Maia and Davy Drawing
  252. Gesture Drawing Session 18
  253. Life Drawing Session #8
  254. Maia’s Fifth Month Birthday
  255. More Head Proportions
  256. Charles Darwin Drawing
  257. Profile Face Drawings
  258. Werner Herzog Drawing
  259. Jeffrey Tucker Drawing
  260. Gesture Drawing Session 19
  261. Albert Hoffman Drawing
  262. Carl Sagan Drawing
  263. Female Sitting Down From Behind Drawing
  264. Practicing Cubes
  265. Richard Herring Drawing
  266. Elliott Hulse Drawing
  267. Life Drawing Session #9
  268. Richard Feynman Drawing
  269. Further Noses
  270. Copy of a Pedro Matos Graffiti
  271. Clint Eastwood Caricature
  272. Lighthouse Drawing
  273. Superman Girl
  274. Life Drawing Session #10
  275. Mark Zuckerberg Drawing
  276. Nikola Tesla Drawing
  277. Abraham Lincoln Pen Drawing
  278. Drawings of Leaves
  279. John Krasinski Drawing
  280. Joey Coco Diaz Drawing
  281. Life Drawing Session #11
  282. Face Shading Practice
  283. Toy Dog Drawing
  284. Copy of Anatomy Studies
  285. Copy of a Wojtek Fus Drawing
  286. Chael Sonnen Drawing
  287. Bill Hicks Drawing
  288. Life Drawing Session #12
  289. Faces Drawn in Shadow
  290. Copy of Kamille Corry’s “Painter’s Hands”
  291. Drawing of a Baby’s Bib
  292. Reddit User itsalwaysfunny1
  293. Hand and Foot Drawing
  294. Drawing of MMA Fighters
  295. Drawing of a Fist
  296. Maia at Six Months
  297. Shigeru Miyamoto Drawing
  298. Gesture Drawing Session 20
  299. Mannequin Drawings
  300. Maia Sleeping in Charcoal
  301. Charcoal Drawing of Mannequinn
  302. Lady on Box
  303. More More Nose Practice
  304. Drawing of my Aunt
  305. Inside My Room
  306. More Mannequins
  307. Kurt Godel Drawing
  308. M. C. Escher Drawing
  309. Life Drawing Session 13
  310. Drawing of Johann Sebastian Bach
  311. Michelangelo Ideal Head
  312. Deer Hunter Drawing
  313. Beard Drawing
  314. Maia Big Eyes
  315. Tim Ferriss Drawing
  316. Life Drawing Session 14
  317. Reddit User Deleted
  318. Ron Paul Drawing
  319. Blade Runner Drawing
  320. Hunter S. Thompson Drawing
  321. Old Man With Mustache
  322. Jack Kerouac Drawing
  323. Life Drawing Session 15
  324. A Page of Sketches
  325. Judge Dredd Drawing
  326. Harry Browne Drawings
  327. Wardrobe Drawing
  328. Proko Nose
  329. Maia at 7 Months
  330. Life Drawing Session 16
  331. Another Drawing of my Sister
  332. Another Self Portrait
  333. Peter Jackson Drawing
  334. Skull
  335. Anchorman Drawing
  336. Girl with Big Lips
  337. Kenny Powers Drawing
  338. Samurai Drawing
  339. Wet Hair Nude
  340. Deadwood Drawing
  341. Regina Spektor Drawing
  342. Drawing of a Rose in Colour
  343. Gesture Drawing Session #21
  344. Drawing of Tom Hiddleston’s Eyes
  345. Drawing of me Holding a Towel
  346. Geoffrey Rush Drawing
  347. Chopper Drawing
  348. Pepper Shaker Drawing
  349. Ayn Rand Drawing
  350. Richard
  351. Aldous Huxley Drawing
  352. Nina Anniversary Drawing
  353. Donald Sutherland Drawing
  354. Brian Blessed Drawing
  355. Al Swearengen Drawing
  356. Pointing Forward
  357. Drawing of Girl in Top Hat
  358. Copy of a Matthias Grunewald Drawing
  359. Long Head Drawing
  360. Irvin D. Yalom Drawing
  361. Drawing of Reddit User quoth_the_phoenix
  362. Drawing of Maia’s Cousin
  363. Tony Soprano Drawing
  364. Stefan Molyneux Drawing
  365. Maia Carrying on the Torch

Compilation of Davy’s December 2013 Drawings

Here are links to all my drawings from the month of December by order of day:

  1. Anchorman Drawing
  2. Girl with Big Lips
  3. Kenny Powers Drawing
  4. Samurai Drawing
  5. Wet Hair Nude
  6. Deadwood Drawing
  7. Regina Spektor Drawing
  8. Drawing of a Rose in Colour
  9. Gesture Drawing Session #21
  10. Drawing of Tom Hiddleston’s Eyes
  11. Drawing of me Holding a Towel
  12. Geoffrey Rush Drawing
  13. Chopper Drawing
  14. Pepper Shaker Drawing
  15. Ayn Rand Drawing
  16. Richard
  17. Aldous Huxley Drawing
  18. Nina Anniversary Drawing
  19. Donald Sutherland Drawing
  20. Brian Blessed Drawing
  21. Al Swearengen Drawing
  22. Pointing Forward
  23. Drawing of Girl in Top Hat
  24. Copy of a Matthias Grunewald Drawing
  25. Long Head Drawing
  26. Irvin D. Yalom Drawing
  27. Drawing of Reddit User quoth_the_phoenix
  28. Drawing of Maia’s Cousin
  29. Tony Soprano Drawing
  30. Stefan Molyneux Drawing
  31. Maia Carrying on the Torch

Day #365 – Maia Carrying on the Torch

The challenge is over!

I’ve completed the most ambitious challenge I’ve ever set myself. I am pleased.

How much my drawing has improved I’m not really sure. Sometimes I feel not at all… other times I feel it has changed a little for the better. Either way, I’ve definitely drawn every day and with that I can’t argue.

The drawing is another of Maia, the most significant thing that happened to me in 2013. It seems fitting that in the source photograph she was chewing a pencil!

Thanks to anybody who followed my progress and I wish everybody success in their 2014 resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Drawing of Maia holding a pencil


Day #364 – Stefan Molyneux Drawing

For my penultimate drawing I’ve chosen Stefan Molyneux, who has one of the most interesting channels on the Internet.

Fairly happy with the outcome… not a great likeness but looks alright if you didn’t know who it was supposed to be, I guess.

Drawing of Stefan Molyneux


Day #363 – Tony Soprano Drawing

Continuing to experiment with my pens. It’s the late Gandolfini as Tony Soprano.

Drawing of Tony Soprano


Day #362 – Drawing of Maia’s Cousin

My sister in law bought me some nice art supplies for Christmas. Tested them out further with this drawing of her daughter who is only a few months younger than Maia and extremely cute!

I think the drawing came out quite nicely and it was enjoyable to work with pens and different shades.

Drawing of Maia's Cousin


Day #361 – Drawing of Reddit User quoth_the_phoenix

Drawing of this Reddit user:

Drawing of Reddit User Quoth_the_phoenix



Day #360 – Irvin D. Yalom Drawing

I’ve just finished the terrific book Love’s Executioner so drawing its author Irvin D. Yalom was my first thought.

I think I caught the eyes okay but the rest of the drawing is a bit flat and boring.

Drawing of author and Psychotherapist Irvin D. Yalom


Day #359 – Long Head Drawing

Merry Christmas everybody :)

Drawing of a man with a long head



Day #358 – Copy of a Matthias Grunewald Drawing

Haven’t copied a master sketch for a while. This is my attempt at replicating a beautiful Matthias Grunewald Drawing I found.

Copy of a Matthias Grunewald Drawing


Day #357 – Drawing of Girl in Top Hat

At the in-laws over Christmas so won’t be able to process the photographs of my drawings or resize them properly for the blog so they might not look right. I’ll fix them all when I get home to look how they usually do.

Drawn from a catalog that was laying around. Quite happy with parts of the coat. Unhappy with other parts. Added darks to the face too early and therefore it looks worse than it could have if I’d not have committed too quickly with final strokes.

Drawing of a girl in a top hat



Day #356 – Pointing forward

It’s an ink pen sketch with some white charcoal highlights. Hand is alright… head… not so much.

Drawing of pointing forward


Day #355 – Al Swearengen Drawing

Tried a charcoal drawing with only the darkest charcoal and white for the highlights on toned paper. Did it fast so it’s not good but kind of fun to do anyway. Might try this again with more patience sometime.

Drawing of Al Swearengen



Day #354 – Brian Blessed Drawing

Kinda similar facial hair to yesterday’s drawing of Donald Sutherland. It’s Brian Blessed; the loudest man in Britain.

Drawing of Brian Blessed


Day #353 – Donald Sutherland Drawing

A drawing of Donald Sutherland. Used toned paper and white charcoal for the highlights. I think I captured the essence of the source photo better in this drawing than almost any other in this whole challenge. I might look back at it tomorrow and totally disagree with that statement but right now I feel pretty satisfied. Probably spent an hour on it total.

Drawing of Donald Sutherland